3D Collage Art

3D Collage Art

Collage art has been in existence for a long time. It wasn’t until the 20th century that it became popular. The term collage is a French term that Georges Braque and Picasso made famous in their paintings. Over the centuries, many artists have implemented collage art in their fashion editorials, advertisements, and TV adverts.. Collage art has also skyrocketed within the pop culture community.

Collage art is all about creating layers of paintings or pictures and assembling them. It’s come a long way since the more traditional styles that are seen worldwide, which each individual artist adding their own unique twist and artistic vision. 3D collage artists takes all this to a new level while creating images that stand out and have life-like qualities. New ways have erupted on the collage art scene, and many new artists are becoming more unique and inventive with their techniques to explore the medium. From photographs and paintings to drawings and paper mache, you name it, it is used to create a collage. Collage art can be flat,  2D and even 3D.  Creating different dimensions helps to create depth and layers to a collage artwork.

Kurt Schwitters is considered the ‘King of Collage’. His name is well known because he was the first to implement collage art while other enthusiasts argue that Picasso was the first and original ‘King’ of collage art. Schwitter collected a great deal of his materials on the streets of Berlin.

Another well-known 3d collage artist is Fred Tomaselli. He used multiple photos from magazine clippings and newspaper clippings to create his collages. He used images like butterflies and nature to prescription pills to come up with his various artworks. His canvas was often wood and he used a variety of hallucinogenic plants to create his collage art. The final touches of his art is to seal it with a thick coat of epoxy resin.

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