All -Time Telugu Entertaining Movies

Telugu Entertaining Movies

Movies have steadily found their way into societies making movie lovers feel lively with minimized boredom. From streaming live to watching movies offline, most film industries, including Tollywood, have made it easy to connect with their viewers. With the latest Telugu movies online, a click away, 2020’s releases are already up for Telugu enthusiasts.

Who knew that movies, especially comedies, help reduce blood pressure? Depending on individual tastes and preferences, movies have always entertained viewers who all have different reasons for watching various genres. Telugu film industry has a collection of several combined genres for their vast audiences that have made Tollywood compete steadily in the industry.

Baggidi Gopal, Shivan, and College Kumar among Telugu’s latest movies, stress relief, is a sure bet for the whole family. The likes of Nani, Varun Tej and Naga Shourya gracing Telugu’s film industry have pushed their fans on edge, always expecting more from these heroes. Being easier to comprehend than reading novels, these movies help appreciate art and change viewers’ perceptions of different ideas.

From relaxing after a long day to enlightening yourself with a movie, Telugu producers have your interest taken care of. Let’s check out some of Telugu’s all-time entertainment movies:


The romantic comedy movie opens up with the birth of Madhu and Siddhu, and they first meet at a shopping complex as small kids. Years later, when Madhu is set to get married, her groom elopes with another woman leaving her behind. Siddhu, on the other hand, receives a Canadian Visa to go for further studies but unfortunately gets involved in an accident on his way to the airport. Madhu donates her blood to him and convinces her father to let her go for higher studies. Since Siddhu could not make it to Canada, he ends up in the same college as Madhu and become good friends after they meet in a temple. They come to realize their love for each other and end up married.

Gang Leader

This action crime film revolves around three bothers with different goals in life; the breadwinner, a student and an unemployed freelancer. At some point, the freelancer goes to jail and the Mafia murders the breadwinner for witnessing a homicide. After his jail term, the freelancer comes back home and finds out about the murderers of his brother. The Mafia kills two of his friends, and he is framed for the murders and his surviving brother disowns him. He is again taken to jail and is helped to escape by the Mafia’s daughter. She reveals her identity to the freelancer and tells him she escaped from home after her father murdered her mother, and he falls for her. He goes after the villains and avenges his brother’s death

Hello Brother

The action-comedy movie features twin brothers with reflection mentality, separated at birth by a gang member. The father of the twins runs after the dacoit and shoots him, but the baby is taken up and raised by a woman who works as a daily laborer. She gives birth to another kid, and years later, the couple is killed at a construction company. With one twin orphaned and robbing people for survival, the other one is brought up in America and comes back to India as a rock star. After a twisted fate, the two brothers finally join together and vow to protect their parents and sister.

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