Best laptop docking stations of 2020

Best laptop docking stations of 2020

These days, you can take the internet with you wherever you decide to go. You can pick up your laptop and take it everywhere with you. But, even if you aren’t taking it anywhere and it is staying at home, you will want to make sure that you have the absolute best docking station for your laptop.

 Every docking station comes with the basic equipment you need, but the prices can dramatically change as you look at different docking station options. I will list the best laptop docking stations for 2020 in this article so that you can pick the one that works best for you.

The best of the best on the market: The Plugable USB-C Triple Display Dock. It comes with 12 ports for all sorts of plugs, the price ranges from $150 to $200 depending on where you are deciding to purchase this docking station. It is vertical, it charges type C laptops via USB, supports up to three different monitors, and has the ability to give you 4K output.

 This is the best docking station you are going to find on the list, but it might also be the most expensive. If you want a high quality docking station for your laptop, this is the best one you can get.

If you like the vertical look, the Plugable Thunderbolt 3 Docking Station might be good for you. This one is around $80 to $90 dollars, so it is much cheaper than the one listed above. It is also titled the best Thunderbolt dock. You are losing 2 ports with this model, instead of 12 you only get 10.

But, the price difference makes the loss of 2 ports worth it. It can power 2 4k monitors while charging your laptop, it can lay on it’s side but it also has the option to stand in a vertical position. The downfall: There are no front facing USBs, they are only available in the back.

Last but not least, the Dell D6000 Drivers Universal Dock. The Dell D6000 Drivers Universal Dock is perfect for anyone who is willing to pay a little bit more for a great socking station, but not willing to break the bank completely. The price is between $130 to $200, but the price is worth it when you consider all of the pros with this product.

It can power three 4K monitors at once with no trouble, it supports USB type C and USB 3.0 plugs and cables so no matter what sort of USB port you need, this docking station is prepared for you. The downfall to this product is that you cannot remove the attached cable, but how much of issue is that when you are set up at a desk with three monitors that it’s powering at 4K?

These are the best of the best docking stations that you can find on the market right now. Of course, there are plenty of others available, but these are the options that are most deserving of your attention, and possibly your money in the near future. Whether you are taking your laptop traveling, or you are trying to set up the perfect office or gaming area, these docks will not disappoint you. Make sure to do a little extra research before making your final decision, look for reviews, look at different companies selling it, you might be able to find a great deal somewhere on the internet if you look hard enough.

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