How dedicated server hosting works and what you should know?

 If your business operates online, then one of the things you need to think about is the web hosting service. There are different types of web hosting service and one of them is cheap dedicated servers. What it is and why choose it?

A dedicated server is a single server that is exclusively yours. You take full control of everything and easily tailor it according to the needs of your business. It comes with multiple features, which is worth your time and money. Now here’s how you know if you need a dedicated server. If your website gets a lot of traffic within a short timeframe, then you need a dedicated server.

How does a dedicated server work?

A dedicated server is big and has a physical existence too. It has a RAM, a hard drive, and a microprocessor, to name a few. Basically, a server is a computer developed to manage a huge number of data. With a dedicated server, you have one server that is exclusively for your site. A dedicated server can be divided into two parts:

Unmanaged dedicated server –

The term unmanaged refers to your ability to control the server by yourself. It gives you full control but you have to handle the maintenance on your own too.

Managed dedicated server –

With this option, you will need to hire another company to maintain the server on your behalf. As a server owner, your responsibility is to send the information to the company you hired to manage the server. The advantage of managed dedicated server is you have a help desk round the clock, 24/7 monitoring, updating of operating system, filtering spams, scanning for malware and viruses, and updating kernels, to name a few. These are the perks you won’t be able to enjoy if you choose unmanaged dedicated server.

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