Step by Step guide to printing photo on a T-shirt

printing photo on a T-shirt

Getting a photo printed on the T-shirt is something that everyone would like. You can make use of this step by step guide as to how you should get started to print a photo on the T-shirt. Companies like global Asia printings lanyard have given their idea about printing on T-shirt.

Method 1: Sublimation technique 

To print T-shirts using this sublimation technique, you need to buy a sublimation machine which costs you around INR 16000. But this one-time investment is worth the money you pay for you can save a lot of money if you are an ardent fan of printed T-shirts.

When you are printing the photo on to a polyester T-shirt, then you need to print the design on a transparent sheet. When you place this transparent sheet on your T-shirt, it gets transferred on to the T-shirt at 345 degrees and you need to hold this on for 30 seconds.

When you are printing the photo on a Cotton T-shirt, then you need to print your design in a tracing paper and cut out the design using a plotter. Then heat it for the image to get transferred on to the cotton T-shirt.

Method 2: Using the T-shirt paper

The T-shirt paper is otherwise known as Iron on Transfer Paper. These papers would transfer the text, images, and other data from a T-shirt paper on to your T-shirts. Not just on T-shirts, but you can print on the other material like an apron, cloth bag as well as using this T-shirt paper.

Printer and Ink 

You can make use of the normal inkjet printer in your home. You need not worry if the inkjet printer is of great quality or you are using the best ink available in town, the quality of the T-shirt paper is what matters at the end.

Light and dark transfer paper 

When you are using light transfer paper, you need to make sure that the image is placed upside down on the T-shirt before it gets printed. If you don’t place the image upside down, then you won’t get the right image.

When you are using the dark transfer paper, you need not turn the image upside down. The image gets printed straight on to your T-shirt.

You can make use of the settings on your printer to adjust the paper and then get it printed in the right format.

Turn the cloth inside and then wash it to retain the print.

These are the two methods you can make use of for printing photos on your T-shirt. You can try these at home itself.

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