The Easiest Way to Reset Your WordPress Sites or Blogs

It may take you many days to build your WordPress site, but sometimes things can go irreversibly wrong, and mess up your whole website. All your efforts will also go down the drain, because you have to spend more time reinstalling WordPress to start all over from the scratch.

Having to reinstall WordPress because of a small mistake can be time consuming and frustrating. You can instead use a WordPress plugin to do the task easily. WP Reset is a WordPress plugin tool that makes it easier to reset WordPress websites. It allows you to start afresh on WordPress, without having to reinstall WordPress completely.

How to use WP Reset?

You can download the plugin from the website, and then upload it to your WordPress system. If the manual installation process from the developer site is confusing and time-consuming for you, you can install it by searching the plugin name on WordPress’s plugin search feature. Once you install, you can see instructions and all the information about resetting WP sites.

It is clearly mentioned that the resetting is permanent, and you cannot undo this. They ask you numerous times if you are sure about resetting your page. Never do site reset without taking backups of your existing pages. You might need them later.

You can activate the plugin, type “reset”, press on submit, and then confirm it one last time. Then in a minute, you will be able to see your default WordPress site empty, and ready to be customized again. It took just three steps to reset the whole page through the plugin. WP Reset is  handy tool for developers and theme designers.

Features of WP Reset

The following are some features, apart from the primary objective of resetting the page provided by the plugin.

  • Post-reset options: This feature allows you to reactivate some of the previous themes. You are offered options to reactivate your current theme, reactivate all active plugins, and reactivate WP Reset. You won’t really have to start all over from the scratch, if you use this feature.
  • Other individual options: Apart from post-reset options and full factory reset options, it also provides options to delete smaller individual components. You can particularly delete transients, themes, plugins, and .htaccess files. You can even clean the ‘uploads’ folder and delete the custom tables under the “Tools” menu on your WordPress page.
  • Multiple confirmations: The WP Reset tool repeatedly mentions that you cannot undo your reset and cannot retrieve your deleted files. They also prevent you from accidentally deleting any of your content by asking multiple confirmation messages before deleting any files.


The information mentioned above shows that the WP Reset plugin will make it easier for you to continuously experiment with the customizations. Furthermore, you will not have to go through the lengthy process of manually resetting the page.

WP Reset is specifically designed by a reputed Croatian company to make it easier for non-developers. They have developed many other plugins for doing WP redirect and WordPress site maintenance.

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